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List of Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is ROP?
Q2. ROP’s Aim and Objectives?
Q3. How can I be part of ROP?

Q1: What is ROP?

An online Source of information for Singapore Music.( incorporating all current blogs and Singapore musician sites) It is a repository of local talents, event happenings and companies that is related to music from the past to present.

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Q2: ROP’s Aim and Objectives?

ROP aims to bring Singapore music to the forefront. By devising new ways of selling local music and coming up with campaigns, events and platforms, we hope to make Singapore music more accessible to the public.

  • Become supplier of Singapore music CDs for all buyers of Singapore music – individual consumer and music store; local market and the International arena.
  • Actively work with other organizations to come up with campaigns and events to push Singapore Music. This can take the form of concerts, events as well as special write ups and promotions.
  • Bridge the gap between Singapore music makers and their potential clients.  A central source for all suppliers of music related services and those who require the service.
  • Honour Singapore musicians who have made a difference in the business in a systematic manner with strong PR support.
  • Produce compilation CDs of the best of local works for sale here and abroad.
  • Promote skill upgrade by organizing workshops and seminars for local musicians.
  • Actively create an online dairy of events for local music for Singaporeans and tourists.

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Q3: How Can I Be Part of ROP?

If you would like to be featured as a talent, companies or any upcoming events that is in relation to local music,  we welcome you to send in your materials (Profile, Videos, Audio file)  to All information will be kept confidential and will only be deposited in ROP upon curator’s decision.

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